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He's horrified to find the woman whose words he's falling in love with via his computer, is the same woman he has just cold-heartedly put out of business.
Anthea has been described as the nation's golden girl, but her success was quickly followed by criticism as she was alternately described as too good to be true, or cold-heartedly ambitious.
WIFE killer Michael Roberts is caught on CCTV cold-heartedly shopping for bin bags to dispose of her corpse.
Sentencing him to at least 21 years, Judge Mr Justice Wilkie said: "You used Ryan cold-heartedly as a vehicle for avenging yourself on your wife.
When not cold-heartedly chucking out one of his women - plus love child - onto the street, he's writing nasty little songs about the hardships of being a pimp, sparing no thought for the "bitches" he forces to sleep with "johns".
It's at this time of year that my passion for make-up rekindles itself and suddenly the idea of wearing eyeshadow, which I cold-heartedly abandon in the summer, seems very alluring.