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In fact, the cruelty, tyranny and cold-heartedness they encounter from adults in the story lead Will and Lyra to face their greatest fears.
Criticizing rulers cold-heartedness, he said that they come in the parliament here, take tea, share ideas with their part men and discuss national issues just as lips service.
Still, the cold-heartedness and selfishness of people such as the "group" is grimly amusing, and Attal's portrayal of a trapped rat suggests that it may be imperative to live the virtuous life much more than one ever might have thought.
The six scales include entitlement, justification, power orientation, cold-heartedness, criminal rationalization, and person al irresponsibility, which represent concepts with special significance in treatment settings for correctional populations.
There often is an edge of aggressiveness and cold-heartedness to adults who never have resolved or come to terms with who and what their mother was.
As for the letter in reply to mine, (GDN, February 27), written by the apparent "human", you call publicising this act of cold-heartedness an act of "utter foolishness".
And while it does contain the brutality and cold-heartedness of the Connery era,Quantum of Solace has pointed Jamed Bond in a whole new era.