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Prosecutor David Dixon said: "He knew he was taking funds from people who lacked capacity or were in grave ill health and we say that was particularly coldhearted, he was callous.
And another age began - the age of every man for himself, looking after number one and coldhearted pragmatism.
In his new guise, Denny wages war on cackling arch-nemesis and coldhearted killer Octopus (Samuel L Jackson), who seems determined to destroy the city and its denizens in his pursuit of immortality, with the help of his scheming secretary Silken Floss (Scarlett Johansson) and his gang of genetically-engineered henchmen.
WILDLIFE officers urged people living near to County Durham's 18 local nature reserves to act as "their eyes and ears" in helping to protect the sites from thieves, vandals and "coldhearted killers".
Tomorrow they stage Puccini's last masterpiece Turandot, the tale of a coldhearted princess and the man who melts the ice maiden.
However, to dispel at least part of the myth that they're a coldhearted lot, they said the best option is to appeal to a ticketer's better nature: "If folks are nice, I might take their ticket back, " one was heard to say.
Game preserve affording coldhearted study of the species' ludicrous notions of community?
And despite her coldhearted image, she admits she loves comedy.
POLICE are hunting "coldhearted" vandals who ransacked minibuses for adults with learning difficulties.