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The strange attraction of the younger detective to the coldhearted academic can be chalked up more to the detective's long drought of "involuntary celibacy" than to genuine fireworks.
In his new guise, Denny wages war on cackling arch-nemesis and coldhearted killer Octopus (Samuel L Jackson), who seems determined to destroy the city and its denizens in his pursuit of immortality, with the help of his scheming secretary Silken Floss (Scarlett Johansson) and his gang of genetically-engineered henchmen.
WHEN the jury announced it had decided Scott Peterson should pay for the coldhearted murder of his pregnant wife and unborn son and recommended a death sentence, the crowd outside the courthouse cheered and sobbed.
Game preserve affording coldhearted study of the species' ludicrous notions of community?
Now we are lumbered with a police force that treats the general public with disdain and coldhearted contempt.
And despite her coldhearted image, she admits she loves comedy.
Is she the most coldhearted party monster on Earth?