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However, to dispel at least part of the myth that they're a coldhearted lot, they said the best option is to appeal to a ticketer's better nature: "If folks are nice, I might take their ticket back, " one was heard to say.
Game preserve affording coldhearted study of the species' ludicrous notions of community?
And despite her coldhearted image, she admits she loves comedy.
Is she the most coldhearted party monster on Earth?
Now we are lumbered with a police force that treats the general public with disdain and coldhearted contempt.
Sweet was the latest catch by the coldhearted robot with the glass eyes and foam body that New York authorities have used for 15 years to nab poachers.
THE cowardly and coldhearted murders of Mark Quinsey and Patrick Azimkar provide a chilling reminder of the darkness that still grips the hearts of some in Northern Ireland.