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His coldness and reserve mortified her severely; she was vexed and half angry; but resolving to regulate her behaviour to him by the past rather than the present, she avoided every appearance of resentment or displeasure, and treated him as she thought he ought to be treated from the family connection.
It runs through a level valley, about four miles wide, where the soil is good; but the prevalent coldness and dryness of the climate is unfavorable to vegetation.
He bowed with a friendly air to Saint-Aignan, who was all reverences and smiles, and trembling held out his hand to Henrietta, his sister-in-law, whose beauty struck him; but he saw in the eyes of that princess an expression of coldness which would facilitate, as he thought, their future relations.
How much more easy," thought he, "it will be to be the brother of that woman than her gallant, if she evinces towards me a coldness that my brother could not have for her, but which is imposed upon me as a duty.
If these two together don't harden my heart against the coldness which has hitherto frozen it up (I mean the coldness of your treatment of me), there will be the end of my efforts--and the end of my life.
On the removal of the tea things I had blown out the candles and drawn my chair closer: I was conscious of a mortal coldness and felt as if I should never again be warm.
The increase in coldness has forced people to visit garments' shops and purchase woollen garments for their kids besides themselves to keep themselves warms.
irked people in the wake of increased coldness and intermittent snowfall
Last night all the protestors slept in the coldness.
The prices of woolen garments including sweaters have increased due to increase in chilness in the district and people are being forced to buy these products on high rate to beat coldness.
The diplomat also deemed that his country's politics "is based on three pillars, namely, distinction from American positions, more coldness towards Israel and the commitment to play the role of mediator in all crises.
In a statement, he said: "I could see from the colour of his face and the coldness of his skin that he was dead.