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It is no accident that Aron's vision of the historical, human Jesus was attacked by much of the same cabal of reactionary Catholic intellectuals who had formed the intellectual backbone of the Vichy collaborationist state.
19) Among these, the creation and consolidation of a collaborationist elite, the multiplication of administrative borders--borders with a different meaning for different people, and the arrival of foreign non-Jewish workers from the Far East and Eastern Europe--human material used to manipulate the demographic reality and to increase the subjects of the colonial mosaic.
Heroic patriotism beyond mediocrity and the vulgarity of money also informs Anouilh's works, which, as they rewrite myths for modernity, reinforce the tenets of aesthetic fascism and the rhetoric of collaborationist critics.
Obviously, collaboration and collaborationist regimes, the events on the home front, conscription and dissent will also be of significance.
The Catholic Boy Scouts in Paris were taught "religious values that ran counter to virtually everything contained in German and collaborationist propaganda" (179).
Remarks such as these indicate as well a palpable yet unspoken insistence within Friedman's own text: Her wrestling with knowledge about her strong precursor de Man--namely, that chapter of his life including the wartime collaborationist journalism.
Specifically, he has in mind George Leaman's condemnation of Martin Heidegger's Nazi involvement and Jacques Derrida's attack on those who attacked his friend Paul de Man for publishing collaborationist texts.
At the time of his arrest on charges of collaborationist treason, Brasillach was one of France's preeminent men of letters.
The collaborationist Vichy government developed quotas and subsidies as part of its program to restructure the French economy.
Was it simply a response to a collaborationist discourse by the elite?
53) At the 1956 National Jewish Community Relations Council meeting, professor Arnold Rose compared the reluctance of Jews in the South to speak out in favor of desegregation with Nazi collaborationists: "If [Jewish leaders] do not take a long run and courageous view of the current crisis [on segregation], they are playing the same role as the collaborationist Jews played in Europe during the Nazi period.

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