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For collagen fiber evaluation, Masson's Trichrome stained sections were studied according to the pre-set criteria of Naito's.
Elastosis perforans serpiginosa (EPS) results from changes in both elastic and collagen fibers within the dermis, resulting in a foreign body reaction with transepidermal elimination.
In the class Anthozoa, which includes sea anemones and corals, the mesoglea is of variable thickness, with thin, embedded collagen fibers that are thought to serve as reinforcing filler (Gosline, 1971).
Uncontrolled melanogenesis and collagen fiber destruction followed by wrinkle formation are a hallmark of photoaging.
The native bovine reticulum matrix consisted of dense and closely packed collagen fibers (Fig.
The grafted skin strip showed development of a few new blood vessels and moderate amount of collagen fibers at its junction with healthy host tissue (Fig.
The fibroblasts and collagen fibers were noticed in the subendothelium at 11 cm onwards.
The researchers identified spiral-shaped collagen fibers in the extracellular matrix of rat hearts and seeing the potential for an advance, they set out to recreate them for the first time.
On histologic examination, the wall of the right ventricular pouch consisted of mature fibrous connective tissue with collagen fibers and fibroblasts.