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The Collapsable Hole had a very special--that is to say, wild--ethos and aesthetic.
So, by causing collapsable chaos on their own ball - where they are at their most vulnerable - the Irish not only negate any threat to themselves but also end up with a free play.
Collapsable Giraffe, a downtown New York company, recently began live Webcasts of rehearsals and may broadcast performances.
FEMALE football players are keeping high and dry thanks to collapsable dug-outs.
A collapsable steel stretcher was lowered and Eugene was hoisted to the top and a helicopter took us to hospital.
Jeffrey, "Dramatic Convergence in Times Square: Hrotsvit's Sapientia and Collapsable Giraffe's 3 Virgins" (251-64); Michael A.
The north side of the river has already been equipped with the collapsable metal barriers, which cost pounds 4 million.
So with a well-practised flourish, she unfolds her much lower, collapsable table, carefully lays out a table cloth and stirs away using a wooden spoon with relish.