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Daylight failed to hoist him, for the body collapsed at the middle like a part-empty sack of corn.
When the lift came, his face ground forward, and the splintery wood tore and crushed the skin from nose, lips, and chin; and, face downward, he slipped on and down to the bottom of the boat till his limp middle collapsed across the gunwale and his legs hung down outside.
NYT Syndicate When 247 million cubic feet of snow and ice collapsed off a glacier in the dry, mountainous region of western Tibet in 2016, the roiling mass took with it nine human lives and hundreds of animals, spreading more than five miles in three minutes at speeds of up to 186 mph.
A crane collapsed onto a bus in western Seoul, Thursday, killing one passenger and injuring 15 others, according to police and firefighters.
It is an old issue,' he said, adding that riverbanks in the area had collapsed little by little due to the accumulation of sand in the river bed.
Civil Protection Authority removing the ruins of collapsed Qena building on December 17, 2017 -- Wael Mohamed CAIRO -- 17 December 2017: A three-story building collapsed in Qena governorate Sunday morning, resulting in the deaths of two women and injuring another, in addition to causing damages to neighboring buildings which were evacuated.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Sept 1 (ANI): Seven to eight people are still reported missing in the three-storeyed Husaini building that collapsed on Thursday in Mumbai's Bhendi Bazaar.
Question: The acoustical ceiling in our church kitchen collapsed.
Crews worked day and night since March 30 to rebuild the overpass bridge that collapsed when a blaze beneath the bridge burned hot enough to cause the overpass of steel and concrete to fall down, reports said.
ISLAMABAD -- Another victim of the Bahria Enclave stage collapse recounted how the stage had collapsed all of a sudden and injured his leg.
BARA -- As many as four people died and six more kids critically wounded in the roof collapsed incident in the Bara tehsil of Khyber Agency here on Sunday.
The 20 papers are from a 2013 conference in Carbondale, Illinois where invited archaeologists with a variety of specialties reflected on how insights from the study of collapsed societies might serve as lessons to prevent the collapse societies today.