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Glaciologists had not quite believed that glaciers could behave this way, and suddenly they had witnessed two similar collapses in a year.
Thloeng Chamroeun, 43, whose home is about 10 metres from where the road collapsed, said, 'If collapses [continue to] happen, my home and others' must be dismantled, but we do not have any new land to live on.
Governments collapse, monuments collapse, bridges and lives and order collapse, a man at a bus stop collapses when a bullet rips into him.
During the course of his business operations, the platform started making some noises and all of a sudden collapses, suffering major structural damage to its components.
There have been several bridge collapses in the history of the U.
Therefore, further research on predicting tunnel collapses is indeed necessary.
Building collapses are not rare in Nigeria, often because of poor construction practices.
The statement continued: "The preliminary findings have shown that in-spite of a battery of laws that regulate, in much detail, construction and building maintenance, the lax enforcement of these laws by government authorities has led to the periodic occurrence of disastrous collapses.
Building collapses are common in India, mainly because of poor construction to meet the growing needs of affordable housing for the country's middle-class.
According to Tuesday's local media reports, Minister of Power Chinedu Nebo set up the panel in the capital city of Abuja on Monday to investigate the 15 power system collapses in the country since January.
Abandoning use of the old Dingle station because of safety concerns over future collapses.
These latest collapses followed problems late last week.