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ABUJA (CyHAN)- Nigeria's National Emergency Management Agency (NAMA) on Tuesday confirmed that the death toll from a building collapse in Nigeria's southwest state of Lagos has risen to 57, from Monday's 49.
The majority of building collapses have occurred in Alexandria -- a particularly tragic incident happened in July 2012, when an eight storey building collapsed, killing 20 people.
The issue is mainly brought into attention in 3c: "How can the progressive collapse of the wave function be experimentally monitored?
THE partial collapse of the Victorian-era tunnel - which was formerly used by the Liverpool Overhead Railway - caused tons of rock to fall into an area which was being used as a car repair garage by Roscoe Engineering.
Firefighters responded to the collapse of a flat roof on a five-bay garage on Walnut Street, in Clinton, late Tuesday afternoon.
This book is a tutorial on how the reader might modify their life in the future if (or when) America collapses.
sinking sun Startled passers-by watch as Sunset Amusements collapses in Southgate, Elland Studio 9 Photography
Building collapses are not uncommon in Egypt and are usually blamed on shoddy construction and a failure to respect regulations.
Was the relationship between the two collapses merely temporal, or was it causal?
Direct measurements suggest that climate change accompanies dramatic and deeply disturbing collapses of terrestrial, aquatic, and marine ecosystems in different regions worldwide.
If you look back at the Northridge Earthquake, we had no collapses on city-owned bridges.
The only question is whether they will become resolved in pleasant ways of our own choice, or in unpleasant ways not of our choice, such as warfare, genocide, starvation, disease epidemics, and collapses of societies.