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44 g/cm3, it has a small chance of collapsing while the collapsibility is transitional in between.
Phasic respiratory modulation of pharyngeal collapsibility via neuromuscular mechanisms in rats.
Inferior vena cava collapsibility and heart failure signs and symptoms: new insight about possible links.
Statistical methods for analyzing collapsibility in regression models.
Inotec TC 5000 features improved collapsibility properties for light metal casting, improved immediate strength levels, and increased storage life for cores.
With fluid replacement, the collapsibility reduces and the diameter increases.
11 De- spite variations in OD design, the aim of all of these devices is to improve the patency of the upper airway during sleep by increasing its dimensions and reduc- ing its collapsibility.
They originate in larger airways when there is an excessive secretion, abnormal airway collapsibility due to repetitive rupture of surfactant film covering alveoli.
Technical characteristics remain constant with slight changes in size, but the same rich 3-Watt adjusting sound thanks to speaker's collapsibility - standard when stretched and subdued when turned facedown.
Mechanical parameters determining pharyngeal collapsibility in patients with sleep apnea.
The collapsibility of the cups is what provides the cushioning, and depending on the extent of shock absorption needed, the cups can be square or a different shape; the number of layers also varies with the application.