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Another contributor to airway collapsibility may be related to difference in the growth of the larynx in males and female during puberty.
The influence of episodic hypoxia on upper airway collapsibility in subjects with obstructive sleep apnoea.
15 g is able to cause loess disasters, including seismic landslides, seismic collapsibility, and liquidation of saturated loess mass.
Figure 6 shows that slab and top wood pulps have a lower tensile resistance and this may be related to the fact that those pulps have thick-walled fibers and consequently a lower collapsibility.
The absence of a distinct plateau for 1E/2EHA may reflect its higher density, which would limit the collapsibility of the foam structure and limit the length of the plateau region.
It improves the tension of the genioglossus muscle and decreases its collapsibility during sleep, thus alleviating obstruction.
The collapsibility of the ULD with a 14:1 to 20:1 return ratio helps to solve the air cargo industry's imbalance problem.
This helps assure maximum rigidity, a powerful gripping force, a large collapsibility range, and superior accuracy.
27) Following the TRA, collapsibility is unlikely to be an issue because all corporate level income is recongized.
Collapsibility defeats security purposes unless the door is equipped with magnetic breakaway.
Other advantages of the Returnable Produce Container include its collapsibility allowing 210 collapsed containers to be stacked on a pallet, as compared to a maximum of 180 for nestable containers.
It also improves collapsibility properties in light metal casting, improves immediate strength levels and increases core storage life.