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Currently the Food Relief Services depot is also under strain although it is still in use, and the roads in the area have also not been spared as some sections, especially the stretch to Ditshegwane has also developed some deformations because of the collapsible soils phenomena.
The segments of a collapsible core are attached to the ejector plate, while its tapered inner center pin is attached to the back of the mold.
Unlike limited-use corrugated bulk containers that are awkward to assemble and knockdown, Maximizer, engineered with an integrated pallet, lid and one- piece collapsible sidewalls, is easy to assemble and collapse by one person and can be reused hundreds of times.
DemonstrationPack your cooking school with collapsible kitchen tools stored in drawers that are easily accessible to both instructors and students.
The chair's conveniently located examination spotlight, wide turning range of 300[degrees], collapsible armrests, and 80[degrees] position enable the specialist to maneuver comfortably.
This is particular useful information where other forms of self-defense such as pepper sprays, collapsible batons, mace, billy clubs, knives, and guns are prohibited by law.
When he opened the door, a stranger, later identified as John Rippet, attacked him, beating him on the head and body with a collapsible metal baton, opening up gashes on his head.
Integrated functions include: a cowl tank with filling access, support for the wiper system, guides for cooling air, an acoustic shield, a collapsible structure for head protection, and antennas for the audio system.
Made from fair-trade and recycled paper, these waterproof, collapsible vases are easily portable and make great gifts.
The track T is molded on an axially separating mold core D that is designed to form the radically inner guide lugs 50 without requiring a radially collapsible core.
The chair is completely collapsible and can be used for relaxing, reclining and studying.