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Wowereit said in his opening speech that I would like to salute all human rights activist and alliance powers which were help the collapsing of the Berlin Wall.
Murney reads thoughtfully and calmly, even as he describes one civilization collapsing after another.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - A Desert High School football player who died after collapsing at football practice in August died from a bad heart, coroner officials said Tuesday.
Arkansas loan institutions are well aware of the danger of poultry houses collapsing.
The author argues that the Soviet Empire was collapsing before 1985 and that the collapse, when it came, did not end in 1991.
Yet discussions of personal frameworks collapsing, and the greater self-understanding needed to emerge from breakdown, maintained strong connection with core features in the past, helping also to explain why, even amid fashionable emphasis on stress and depression, the concept might still serve.
Apnea might be the result of a lack of inspiratory effort, called central apnea, or of ineffective inspiratory effort against a collapsing upper airway, called obstructive apnea.
Thailand's currency was collapsing because it merited a collapse.
One potential source of gauge distortions is the collapsing frame, says Knittel, adding that because the collapser oscillates with the film in an oscillating hauloff, those imperfections are not distributed by such a system.
Leveraging Force10's recently launched 90-port high density Gigabit Ethernet cards, which increase the density of the TeraScale E-Series to 1,260 ports, TrueServer is collapsing its aggregation and core layers to simplify its network and build in a new level of resiliency.
One of the key issues in earthquake engineering is how much damage structures can sustain before collapsing so people can safely evacuate," explained principal investigator Gilberto Mosqueda, UB assistant professor of civil, structural and environmental engineering.
The observations confirm that material blasting out from a collapsing star generates a gamma-ray burst.