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For the past four years, we have been hearing that Israel is collapsing, that France is collapsing, that the US is collapsing," said Musavi.
Buildings collapsing in Egypt have increased in recent years due to the local corruption in the country," urban activist Atef Amin told Daily News Egypt.
Many efforts have been made to prevent deep-buried tunnels from collapsing, including monitoring, measurement, and prediction.
This was the third consistent incident of collapsing buildings in a week, just a day before 5-stoery commercial building was collapsed in Sialkot while Karachi building collapse incident took 33 lives.
The fire department worked to secure the property, making sure nothing else was collapsing.
So, when I came out to see what was happening, I saw that a portion of the building was collapsing.
Summary: BERLyN (Cihan) -Twenty Anniversary of the collapsing of the Berlin wall has been celebrated in Berlin by collapsing the Berlin wall as symbolically again.
28) The insurer's expert engineer inspected the home and concluded that the structure was not in danger of collapsing within a year after the necessary repairs were made.
These bursts, which last for more than 1 second, are produced within a jet of material blasting out of a collapsing star, or supernova.
Murney reads thoughtfully and calmly, even as he describes one civilization collapsing after another.