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Hole 96-8 was drilled at an 85 degree angle towards grid west, and collared 25 meters grid west of hole 4.
Isle and Hellgren (1995) reported that in southern Texas collared peccaries and wild boars coexisted during periods of high and low overlap in diet.
A capped FRN is a floating rate note combined with an interest rate cap, while a collared FRN is one that combines both an interest rate cap and floor.
OPW-13 collared 50 feet south and 50 feet east of OPW-12 contained no significant mineralization.
The hole was collared 60m southeast of TSD-38 and drilled northwards at -60 degrees.
Four of the nine holes released today ended in high grade mineralization and three of the holes collared in high grade mineralization after penetrating the glacial debris.
Drill hole K04-08 was collared near the K04-05 set-up, and was directed along a northwest azimuth to test the intervening area between drill hole K04-05 and K04-07.
dip -65 deg) collared from same location as Crow #1.
The hole was collared at the site of TSD-72 and drilled northwards at -65 degrees.
The hole was collared at the site of TSD-26 and drilled northwards at -60 degrees.
TSD-50 was collared approximately 100m east of TSD-36 and drilled at -60 degrees northwards.