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On the left side, the left internal iliac artery (LIIA) was supplied by the left lumbar collateral artery. Only the left common iliac artery bifurcation was opacified.
Anatomic basis of a fasciocutaneous pedicle flap based on the infero-lateral collateral artery of the leg.
The classification is based upon the origin of the PBA and the radial and medial collateral artery (arteria collateralis radialis et media)--see Table 1.
"As for the heart, with greater exercise, it leads to more efficient cardiac function and may even lead to collateral artery formation." Collateral artery formation is the growth of new blood vessels to help circulate blood when existing arteries are blocked or cannot otherwise supply enough blood to a particular organ or tissue.
Burkhart et al., "Impaired collateral artery development in spontaneously hypertensive rats," Microcirculation, vol.