collateral relative

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A recipient of a live-organ donor is restricted to the one who is the spouse, lineal relative to by blood of, and collateral relative by blood onto the third degree of kinship with the live organ donor.
Category II included collateral relatives and persons who had lived with a donor for at least one year prior to transfer within a common household.
The shows started after the British national anthem with a joint military procession by horse riders of the Royal Cavalry, and the cavalry of the Royal Guard of Oman (RGO) and the cavalry of the Royal collateral relatives in their military uniforms parading the joint military procession.
The skills of horse riding and carriage driving were presented by horse riders from the Royal Cavalry, Royal Guard of Oman and the cavalry of the collateral relatives cavalry presenting a joint musical procession show in the field while a group of female horse riders presented the same show before the Royal box.
The general rules of intestacy provide for two tiers of beneficiaries: The first tier includes the surviving spouse and lineal descendants and the second tier includes the intestate's ascendants and collateral relatives and relatives of a deceased spouse.