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Related; indirect; not bearing immediately upon an issue. The property pledged or given as a security interest, or a guarantee for payment of a debt, that will be taken or kept by the creditor in case of a default on the original debt.

That which is collateral is not of the essence. Collateral facts are facts that are not independently provable from, and that are not directly relevant to, issues in a Cause of Action. Collateral heirs are those individuals who are not directly related to the deceased through consanguinity. Similarly, collateral ancestors are uncles and aunts, as contrasted with direct ancestors, such as parents and grandparents.


1) n. property pledged to secure a loan or debt, usually funds or personal property as distinguished from real property (but technically collateral can include real estate). 2) adj. referring to something that is going on at the same time parallel to the main issue in a lawsuit or controversy which may affect the outcome of the case, such as adoption of a new federal regulation or a criminal trial of one of the parties.


1 something that is independent of another but relates to the same subject matter, thus, the phrases collateral agreement or collateral guarantee.
2 of the same family line although not in the direct descent.

COLLATERAL, collateralis. From latus, a side; that which is sideways, and not direct.

HEIR, COLLATERAL. A collateral heir is one who is not of the direct line of the deceased, but comes from a collateral line; as, a brother, sister, an uncle and aunt, a nephew, niece, or cousin of the deceased.

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Given that it is afflicted by chronic resource shortages, and that it operates through voter-facing judges responsive to electorates that can be hostile to collaterally applied rules, it should be unsurprising that State PCR suboptimally enforced constitutional law in many jurisdictions.
By permitting a narrow review of a trial court's "procedures" to test that compliance, the majority of courts have limited class members' ability to collaterally attack class judgments.
In Kong's reading, The Crazed presents Tiananmen Square as a "spatial aporia" in that the student protagonist, Jian Wan, never manages to quite reach the Square as the military crackdown descends on it and surrounding areas, remaining caught up in a peripheral zone by army violence and then compelled to flee to save himself; collaterally, in this psychologized, if not consistently psychoanalytical reading, Ha Jin himself also experiences the Square as a place beyond his direct experience, but one that he seeks to protect from, in his own words, "historical amnesia" (qtd.
In 'Collaterally Damaged: Youth in a Post 9/11 World', he denounces the harmful educational policies of the Bush period in the US.
When, as is frequently the case, my editorial work necessitates searching back issues, I often collaterally encounter contributions from giants in our pantheon of voice pedagogues, the likes of Richard DeYoung, Victor Fields, William Vennard, Philip Dewey, Bert Coffin, and Richard Miller.
George Washington is on its way there, not just to show military muscle to the North Korean regime but to "collaterally" test the patience of the Chinese.
The MIT Center for International Studies reports that between 2003-2011 150,000 to 400,000 Iraqi civilians were collaterally killed by US military forces.
Schultz said Corbett has the proper legal standing to sue the NCAA because he is acting on behalf of state residents and businesses "collaterally damaged" by the NCAA sanctions.
Collaterally they made generous inputs into the local school and toward a satellite clinic in the area--actions which demonstrated directly to the local population that there are many benefits to be had from sport hunting and conservation of wildlife.
The National Association of Criminal Defense Counsel has published a proposed opinion, 03-02, which indicates that a criminal defense lawyer may not participate in a plea agreement that waives the client's right to collaterally attack the plea with a claim of ineffective assistance of counsel, because of the personal conflict of interest it presents for criminal defense counsel, and because the waiver limits the lawyer's malpractice liability, because the criminal defendant in most jurisdictions must make a successful ineffective assistance of counsel claim in order to bring a malpractice claim against the lawyer.
Those who went down with the ship, however, are the beneficiaries of Mallon's empathy: LaRue, the accepting stoic; Woods, the collaterally damaged loyalist; and Hunt, the good soldier, punished beyond all proportion.
This should include the tenant's right to collaterally assign the tenant's interest in any subleases for the improvements (including subrents and security deposits) and the tenant's interests in any condemnation awards and insurance proceeds.