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Teachers' professional development: Critical colleagueship and the role of professional communities.
Teacher Narratives as Interruptive: Toward Critical Colleagueship.
In part for the same reason, and in part because of differences in the salience of colleagueship on the two courts, we had a similar expectation regarding the effect of senior status on relationships with colleagues.
It requires an investment that journalism schools have only rarely made successfully--cooperation and colleagueship between the journalism professionals teaching in the university and other university-based innovators in information research and service--in the university libraries, at the university presses, in the computer science and engineering programs, in urban studies, in the schools of education, and in the neurosciences, among other fields.
In this dialogue we would like to focus on three interrelated main ideas: (a) conceptualizing and crafting teaching as a shared practice, (b) what it means to claim that teaching is a moral practice, (c) how teacher educators can engage in critical colleagueship to enact change.
Second, mission and mission study involve colleagueship and friendship.
Thankfully, I have not failed along the way to express appreciation for constant colleagueship and valued friendship.
In what follows, I will trace in some detail both their extensive correspondence about their novels and the textual conversations between their books, seeking (to shift metaphors for a moment) to follow the threads that stitch together this remarkable example of literary colleagueship.
Emphasizing the importance of colleagueship, collaboration, and collective leadership makes superintendents shy about acknowledging and assuming the conscious role of being a teacher.
For instance, the Financial Times outlined that the rescue in the late 1990s of Long-Term Capital Management by the Federal Reserve took place in the context of a web of former colleagueship and personal friendship between top officials at the Fed and the beneficiaries of its largess.
In a small academic setting faculty members miss the colleagueship of fellow specialists but have, instead, a constant intellectual cross-fertilization with other academics whose ideas are stimulating and exciting precisely because they are not those of fellow specialists.
That e-mail exchange was the beginning of a wonderful friendship and colleagueship, which a few months later formed the basis for our blog, "72-27: A cross-generational dialogue between two Christian feminists.