collect payment

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This payment process is straightforward, and the hotel guarantees that it will immediately collect payment from every consumer.
The couple, from the Stoke area, had recently had work done by a reputable company so when two men called to collect payment they handed over the cash.
That's just one method for creditors to collect payment.
An e-commerce platform, WriteNow allows agents, brokers and insurers to qualify, rate, quote, bind, deliver policy documents and collect payment on-line, in real time.
Providers benefit from the card because they are able to collect payment at the time of service, while employees are more inclined to participate in flexible spending accounts, which historically haven't had high penetration because the accounts are cumbersome to manage and unused funds aren't rolled over to the next plan year, said Beth Bierbower, vice president of product innovation.
Personal visits to customers near you to deliver invoices and collect payment can also work well.
This will help to collect payment, and to show the resident/responsible party that you are listening to his or her concerns.
com and collect payment when the content was downloaded.
Sometime later, Fred Kent experienced financial difficulties and defaulted on the Chase loan, which prompted Chase to commence legal action to collect payment.
Currently, customers can conduct American Express ATM transactions, purchase Western Union money orders and money transfers, pay bills through Western Union's Quick Collect payment service and cash checks through Certegy Check Services.