collect the vote

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Under Iran's election rules, to win in the first round, a candidate had to collect the votes of at least one-fourth of the voters.
The ongoing election campaign has expanded in mosques and churches as politicians are trying to collect the votes from "God's houses" too.
Rao'uf Sheibani said that a polling station will also be set up in Ladaqiya port city to collect the votes of the Iranian nationals.
Such a voting concept helps fight abuse and also takes the influence of single users into account when Metro5 collect the votes once a month.
It is likely that the main winners in the October 2 election are going to be Harmony Center and the Unity alliance, and they, then, are going to collect the votes of the losers.
Brian Sexton, market manager, said: "Market traders have worked very hard to collect the votes and there was a huge campaign to get everyone behind us.