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In terms of collectability, Taub said it has gotten simpler: "If we really think collectability is not probable, we don't have a contract in the first place and we don't have revenue to recognize.
GAAP requires revenue to be recognized after delivery if a high degree of uncertainty exists regarding the collectability of payment from a customer.
Essential background is familiarity with the "doubtful collectability exception" to the usual rules of interest accrual.
Leeds-born Grimshaw painted it in 1892 and it has hung on the wall of the owners' home, gaining hugely in value as his collectability increased.
BIG Mark A 24-inch by 30-inch painting now starts at pounds 3,500 and his prices are rising all the time because of their increased collectability.
During the 2010 second quarter, the company's analysis of the collectability of invoiced services increased current quarter services revenues by $673,000.
As time passed, and the collectability of the set increased a number of rarities and errors were discovered as could be expected from a set of this size and distribution from the early part of the century.
This item focuses on offers when there is doubt as to collectability.
Messick said while in a perfect world personal guarantees are desirable, he wondered how much of an actual difference they make in the collectability of the loan.
Bakugan incorporates skill, action, strategy and collectability.
They have big collectability, from students to new born kids," said Paul, who has the UK and Ireland licence for the toys.
The classic licence will broaden the collectability and enhance the position of the brand.