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His earlier discussion of stylistic traditions draws upon recent scholarship in articles and chapters, while his later summary is drawn almost entirely from John Monfasani (George of Trebizond, 1976; Collectanea Trapezuntiana, 1984).
Collectanea botanica, or figures and botanical illustrations of rare and curious exotic plants, London 1821, with 40 coloured engravings, text by John Lindley.
He is also the editor of Monumenta Serica: Journal of Oriental Studies, Monumenta Serica Monograph Series, and Collectanea Serica.
In fact, the manner in which the monographs of individual researchers were issued in serial format--Pitt Rivers' four great Cranborne Chase volumes (1887-98) being only the most obvious instance amongst Roach Smith's Collectanea Antiqua (1848-68) and Evans' various Implement studies--almost verges on a 'self-institutionalisation'.
Bird, State of the Cape of Good Hope in 1822, Africana Collectanea Series, 19 (Cape Town, 1966), pp.
Millett, Benignus and Anthony Lynch (editors), Collectanea Hibernica: Sources for Irish History.
They possess "a force of purpose and character which makes them a grateful contrast to the ordinary languid collectanea published by young men of literary habits.
Collectanea Ordinis Cisterciensium Reformatorum, 11 (1949), 147-48; Bernard de Clairvaux (Paris: Alsatia, 1953), p.
See also: Roberto Marin-Guzman, "Mahdyzm-Muzulmanski Mesjanizm," in Collectanea Theologica, Vol.
To do so, they re-examine Alfred's version of Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy, the handbook known as the Pseudo-Bede Collectanea, and the penitential texts.
11) George Samuel Schuyler, "Our Greatest Gift to America," in Ebony and Topaz: A Collectanea, ed.
Presently it consists of three rooms in the university library that house more than seven thousand volumes of Williams's extensive personal collectanea and an adjacent reading room.