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Art History as Social Praxis: The Collected Writings of David Craven
Filled with color illustrated of famous works of art and collected writings by Michelangelo, this beautiful biography is appealing to young readers (age 12 and up) because of its hands on approach.
Eventually, Brodie collected writings of seven men and seven women across a wide spectrum of theological perspectives and lifestyles.
org) in addition to The Collected Writings of Walt Whitman, twenty-two volumes published by the New York University Press under the general editorship of Gay Wilson Allen and Sculley Bradley, and supplemented with volumes published by the University of Iowa Press and Peter Lang.
Janet Chapple has collected writings of some of these early adventurers and assembled them into a wonderful anthology, Through Early Yellowstone: Adventuring by Bicycle, Covered Wagon, Foot, Horseback, and Skis.
explain why she bypasses the standard and definitive volumes of Weber's collected writings (Max Weber Gesamtausgabe [1984]).
Time on Two Crosses: The Collected Writings of Bayard Rustin" is an extensive collection of Rustin's writings deftly organized and presented in six major sections: The Making of a Movement; The Politics of Protest; African American Leadership; Equality Beyond Race; Gay Rights; Equality Beyond America.
The Collected Writings Volume 2: The Port Nelson Relations.
The first of a 10-volume series of his collected writings explains in depth the work of the Left and its major players, some not known even to political junkies because they operate behind the scenes and are not elected, but are influential in academia and the chattering class.
1971 [1949], My Early Beliefs, reprinted in the Collected Writings of J.
The collected writings redefine the nature of the field by proposing a new materialist media art history, drawing on media archaeology and the history and philosophy of media to shift the focus away from traditions of the artist as critical subject towards the viewer's primary role in artistic experience; instead, the focus is on the necessary interactions between artists, audiences and the material aspects of mediation--past and present--within and surrounding today's often networked and distributed art.