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The things that aren't meant to be kept will be most collectible - the really, really disposable items.
For the full year 2006, despite significant declines in our collectible products category, we did achieve overall organic sales growth.
Some of this stuff, I wonder why I never had it growing up,'' said Dianna Quille, a 42-year-old Valley Glen tax preparer who accompanied her sons Conor and Liam to look for collectible figures.
The Franklin Mint has brought collectible art into tens of millions of households around the world, and we plan to draw from our collective expertise and considerable resources to take the company to the next level, increasing its global presence, adapting it to the new digital world, and preserving the history of one of America's great brands.
In a unique collaboration, Sideshow teamed with New Line Home Video to create the collectible Argonath bookends that are part of a ``Fellowship'' DVD gift set available at major retailers.
The HyperScan[TM] collectible cards will be available blind-packed, so gamers will not know what cards they are getting in their game packs.
Jerry Wodarz, who with his wife, Claudia, runs Claudia's Antiques and Collectibles in Canoga Park, said the shop stocks a few unusual collectibles, along with many antiques, because customers increasingly are demanding newer, less expensive items.
Competitively priced, the HyperScan(TM) game system comes complete with the console, one controller (designed for tween-sized hands), one 'X-Men(TM)' CD game and six 'X-Men(TM)' collectible game cards for an MSRP of $69.
Corgi develops and markets high-quality lines of die-cast collectible products sold through retail channels in Europe, Canada, Mexico, the United States, Australia and Asia.
Disney Treasures Celebrates Disneyland's 50th Anniversary and Spotlights Classic Mickey Films With New Collectible Card Sets; Favorite Disney-Pixar Characters Featured in New Figurine Set
History trading card sets -- not to mention exciting collectible box sets perfect for the sports enthusiast.