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For a few goods and services, collecting a use tax is easy; states collect this tax on cars when the new owner tries to obtain registration.
Therefore, the court found that collecting Roundup Ready seeds was beyond the terms of the policy.
While recyclers of scrap metal and paper are accustomed to collecting material with roll-off containers or some variety of flatbed truck, the fleets that serve the oil recycling industry are different.
Feeling that collecting fees should not be part of one's professional duties, teachers have turned to agencies specifically designed to collect tuition for the independent music teacher.
Those of us in the business often joke about people whose love of collecting has gone beyond normal.
See also Hoover, "Why the Resistance to Collecting Race Data on Police Traffic Stops," Police Labor Monthly, July 2000, 5.
Companies that question how much personal information they should collect about a consumer should err on the side of collecting less.
Specifically, pre- and postexposure information on pulmonary function and inflammatory response as well as respiratory symptoms was collected from a group of lifeguards stationed at the affected beaches and from some of the scientists collecting environmental samples.
As physicians, we focus first on the treatment of our patients, then we deal with whatever obstacles keep us from collecting our fees.
Very few Web sites--only 14%--"that collect personal information tell consumers who is collecting the information and how it will be used" (957).
Collect data to show a progressive improvement in the processes; highlight the educational aspects of collecting such data.

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