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Instead of collecting sales and use tax at the vendor's original location, taxes will be assessed at the destination of the goods, where the purchaser takes possession or initially uses the services.
Therefore, the court found that collecting Roundup Ready seeds was beyond the terms of the policy.
While recyclers of scrap metal and paper are accustomed to collecting material with roll-off containers or some variety of flatbed truck, the fleets that serve the oil recycling industry are different.
Feeling that collecting fees should not be part of one's professional duties, teachers have turned to agencies specifically designed to collect tuition for the independent music teacher.
Those of us in the business often joke about people whose love of collecting has gone beyond normal.
Zatcoff, "Lessons Learned: Collecting Data on Officer Traffic Stops," Police Chief July 2001, 23; supra note 11 (Hoover), 2; and supra note 16 (Fridell et al.
External input from outside legal counsel, trade associations, and/or consulting firms also can play an important role in collecting information.
Based on the formulas expressed in the table, we see that our annual cost of collecting fees is $175,000--or 23.
Black book collecting is a hot-off-the-presses trend that correlates with a surge in the world's fascination with all things rooted in Africa, says the dean of black book collecting, Charles Blockson, curator of the Charles Blockson Collection at Pittsburgh's Temple University.
Collecting such data would demonstrate the hospital's commitment to meeting the patient's needs.
The collecting boom brought on by the entrance of the baby-boom generation into the collecting market actually began in 1991-1992," said Pam Danziger, president of Unity Marketing.
In a co-publishing deal, a publisher will ask you to give up a percentage of ownership--usually around 50%--on the copyright on your song in exchange for paying you an advance, collecting your publishing royalties, registering your copyrights and exploiting your songs," he explains.

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