collection of laws

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WASHINGTON -- The Justice Department plans to dramatically escalate its war on "sanctuary" jurisdictions by alleging in a lawsuit that the state of California has violated the Constitution with a collection of laws that are friendly to undocumented immigrants, senior officials said Tuesday.
When the United States of America was founded, it took shape not just as a collection of laws, magistracies, and jurisdictions.
ensuring the maintenance beyond normal service and support security updates for RIS RIS configuration adjustments arising from changes in legislation published in the Collection of Laws, methodological guidelines or organizational and procedural requirements of the contracting authority;
Here is another crisis: A new collection of laws will be referred to the Parliament.
But the motley collection of laws to be announced at the State Opening of Parliament owes more to electoral expediency than to the good government of Britain.
Preston (English, Lycoming College, Pennsylvania), who specializes in Anglo-Saxon literature and the Old English language, accompanies his edition and translation of Alfred's (849-899) collection of laws with an analysis of its contents, contexts, and impact.
So, a constitutional regime appears to be a collection of laws and statutes, but those laws and statutes depend first on a reverence for words, for reason, and for orderliness.
Corcoran and Salway found that the text belonged to the Codex Gregorianus, or Gregorian Code, a collection of laws by emperors from Hadrian (AD 117-138) to Diocletian (AD 284-305), which was published circa AD 300.
The collection of laws passed were a compromise between the Democratic-controlled General Assembly and Republican Governor Rell.
King Hammurabi is reckoned to have passed the oldest known collection of laws - one of those established a daily beer ration dependent on social standing.
THE EUROPEAN Union's (EU) nuclear industry has been asked whether it wants to see legislative reform to simplify the complex collection of laws and conventions that regulate the transport of radioactive materials to, between and within member states.

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