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While the latter is in line with collective action focused on the democratization of communication and the change of the communicational paradigm from a hierarchical and concentrated one toward a horizontal and participatory one, the former is coherent with a greater importance on impacting the agenda of mainstream media and collective action focused on a dimension other than communication--education.
The message to Libya leaders is clear; there is simply no other alternative to unified and collective action if Libyans are to successfully prevent a repeat of catastrophic advances that Daesh has made in countries like Syria and Iraq.
Pragmatic limitations to collective action, and to social transformation, include a lack of funding for those organisations working to provide resources to people affected by SGBV.
12) "Clearly," the board concluded, "an individual who files a class or collective action regarding wages, hours, or working conditions, whether in court or before an arbitrator, seeks to initiate or induce group action and is engaged in conduct protected by [[section]]7.
Direct collective action is a distinct and influential form of political participation (Author 2013).
In the final chapter of the book, Ahlquist and Levi consider the implications of their theory of organizational collective action for analysis of influential organizations beyond labor unions--including religious organizations, firms, and states.
This Article reconsiders the relevance of collective action arguments for federalism doctrine.
Though, sustainable natural resource management (NRM) can contribute to poverty reduction, other aspects must also be considered, including the distribution of property rights between and within communities and households and the level of collective action so as to get a better understanding of the issues related to poverty reduction.
We are taking collective action to build a better, more prosperous and sustainable world, and demonstrating how we are making a positive contribution to society, in terms of the supply chain, food packaging, and waste.
The damages being sought were more than PS14bn, but the Competition Appeal Tribunal said the case could not proceed through a so-called collective action.
More importantly, the author adds to the collective action literature by demonstrating how political context partially determines if threats will convert into sustained protest or not.
Perceived violation of rights and interests is an important predictor of collective action participation in Western societies (e.

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