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But Red-Eye walked rough-shod over all our customs, and we so feared him that we were incapable of the collective action necessary to punish him.
From June 27, Japan has released three days' worth of oil from the stockpiles as part of an IEA-launched collective action to offset the disruption to oil supplies from Libya and prevent high oil prices from undermining the global economy.
Created in response to the Look 11 photography festival's theme "A call to action", Collective Action features images on the topics of funding cuts, regeneration and support for young carers.
Collective Action was launched last Friday, and forms part of the Look11 International Photography Festival, with members responding to the festival's theme of 'a call to action' by examining issues close to individual members' hearts such as funding cuts, regeneration and support for young carers.
Nothing we enjoy, whether it be the welfare state, holiday pay, sick pay, pensions or the right to be in a trade union, was achieved without the mass, collective action of ordinary people - and none of these things will be defended without such action.
Politicized collective action is defined as "a power struggle between various entities within a society with the understanding that it affects the broader social structure.
Summary: Montreux (Switzerland) - Secretary of State to Morocco's Foreign Ministry Latifa Akharbach called, on Wednesday in Montreux, for a francophone collective action to meet the transnational security challenges in the Sahel region, North Africa and the West.
Besides, we focus on the interactions between network effects and social control as we investigate which network properties form favorable conditions for the emergence of collective action when a selective incentive is the main driving force for cooperation, and which properties favor mass mobilization when conformity is an important form of social control.
For fighting corruption and fraud, the collective action pertains to creating national alliances and platforms of dialogue between public and private sector, strengthening the rule of law and voluntary standards as well as creating incentives for good performers.
At our advocacy event, we were supported and engaged with each other; we not only impacted Senate and House office staffers, but were impacted by them, and by each other, by our collective action.
org, a community aimed at harnessing the power of collective action.
Epistemic Conditions for Collective Action, SARA RACHEL CHANT and ZACHARY ERNST

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