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Lillikas said the Alliance's proposal for the necessity of setting up a National Energy Council aims to achieve collectiveness.
As opposed to the Greeks as pronounced individuals and people prefering speculative thinking, the Romans were too inclined to sacrifice individuality for the sake of collectiveness and they were much more practical in their lives.
Over time, the content of the communication about the "other" gradually transformed into "othering," in order to resistantly reclaim a sense of proud native Dutch collectiveness or to dominate the immigrant community as object.
You need team spirit, collectiveness and fans turning up to support us.
The papers are organized into sections thematically focused on IP rights and competition law; individualism and collectiveness in (separately) patent law, copyright law, and trademark law; and individual and collective aspects of teaching and research in IP law.
Unity, cohesion and work in the framework of collectiveness form the best way to address these attempts.
On the other hand, Marshall is aware of the tension between collectiveness and individuality.
The suffix -jadb had the meaning of collectiveness couched in the form of grammatical singular, which may have influenced the morphological behaviour of the OE noun cild.
However, the situation I describe does not impute or assume uniformity across the aims of black writers and texts during Jim Crow (and on this point Adam's assertion that some "affinity" is present throughout all of black writing signals a commitment to a collectiveness that far outstrips anything implied by my argument).
What you want is spirit, a collectiveness in the team and you want to win a game away from home.
If they can keep their spirit, their collectiveness, they'll be fine.