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By depicting their life-worlds, this paper endeavors to shed light onto how Jews in the country structure, live, do, experience, and contend their Jewishness collectiveness, and express Jewishnessess (sic) individually.
Again the call for the constitution of a "common" makes itself present as the driving force of the processes of research and of intervention in the ambit of health promotion so that the energy, resources, capacities and the potential of subjects and social organizations that meet together (being disperse, non-articulate and fragmented) are able to very slowly establish a collectiveness in a "common plan" (8).
2 % more likely to shoulder than Muslims, all else constant, due to collectiveness among the religious minority in Manikganj.
Mpigi is characterized by the "Buganda culture," which emphasizes inclusiveness and collectiveness.
In Kurdish, repetition is sometimes used to derive collectiveness, for example, tist-mist (things), or gul-u-mul (flowers and other plants) (qtd.
While extending cosmobiopolitical regimes of governance, the evolving IPI's 'living network' has the potential to facilitate different scenarios for the constitution of connectivity and different forms of human and technological collectiveness within the prospective interplanetary cartographies of power over life.
Indians are good for having spirit of collectiveness and so 24 CEOs of top companies across globe, including Mr Satya Nadella, are all Indians.
For the industry to develop and progress we need a sense of collectiveness.
The collectiveness within the group is still there for all to see," added Anderson.
All share a sense of inclusivity that can be defined by (1) the absence of a power to exclude others, which leads to inclusion of others in the use and (2) the collectiveness and interdependency of privileges to use a resource.
The concept of distributed leadership has been defined in many ways, but these various definitions incorporate inclusivity, collectiveness and collaboration.