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The less individualistic (more collectivistic) a society is, the higher the level of corruption.
So, far, the literature indicates a need for further consideration of the interpersonal aspects of depression while working with patients of collectivistic origins.
There is evidence that motivation for cooperation differs between individualistic and collectivistic contexts.
The correlation coefficients indicated that managers with collectivistic orientations were found less satisfied as compared to those with individualistic orientations.
Furthermore, jeitinho and guanxi were chosen because they represent influence processes that occur in countries other than Japan and Mexico, commonly used as examples of collectivistic cultures in cross-cultural comparisons.
In contrast, in a collectivistic society, where people live in patrilineal extended families, people are integrated into dense and cohesive "we"-groups.
In Spanish, the positive or negative meaning of proud depends on the communicative context and, it is possible that its social acceptance is different in collectivistic and individualistic cultures.
Also, in collectivistic societies, things tend to be considered as "destined to happen".
Among our collectivistic groups, give-in proves to be more a matter of maintaining a good relationship than being interested in favoring the image of other, even if the tendency goes in the same direction.
e., the high level of corruption and the collectivistic cultural features), the rate of cheating incidence in this sample is quite higher than usual estimations recorded in the United States (3); the quality of students' social networks (e.
Women cannot live independently in collectivistic societies because they (the society) believe women have to be attached to a man whosoever it be.
Many, if not all, of the world's cultures fall into one of two camps: collectivistic or individualistic cultures (Ji, et al., 2000; Nisbett, et al., 2002; Oyserman, 2011).