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Among the most articulate and complex mediation on this politicized notion of collectivity was an all-yellow congress room with ceramic toilet bowls for chairs--a cynically imagined space for confronting post--Arab Spring ennui by the Tunisian artist Faten Rouissi titled La lantome de la liberte ("Walla Ghassra) (The Phantom of Liberty [Malla Ghassra]), 2012.
How might a Pan-Arab collectivity reshape the influence of Saudi Arabia or Iran?
So it is the attribute of the collectivity rather than the citizen.
Using different languages and seeking artistic collectivity.
The Menorah Journal writers sought concepts of collectivity and Jewish identity that highlighted attributes later eclipsed in American Jewish discourse, such as Hebrew culture, nationality, and even race.
Local autonomy concept manifests within the limits of material and territorial competence established by the law, but especially, through the free initiative of local administration authorities to settle collectivity problems in their capacity of civil legal entities, of goods owners from the private field and of public law legal entities, of goods owners from the local interest public field.
Societies who are increasingly involved in an integrated EU ought to cultivate their national characteristics together with the principles of multinational collectivity, multicultural action, multiracial tolerance and cooperation, he said.
7) To establish collectivities as bearers of rights, however, one must still make the case for collectivities as irreducible moral agents, and Newman's next step is to argue that collective entities are frequently capable of acting morally or immorally, even when all individual members of the collectivity bear no moral culpability.
The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said "The hand of Allah is over the Jama'ah" (Tirmidhi)3 where the word Jama'ah refers to the overwhelming majority of the Muslim collectivity, and in the context of Ijtihad, the overwhelming majority of those qualified to independently derive rulings.
From the mid- to late twentieth century and beyond, African American "families of choice"--intimate associations of biological and nonblood relatives cohabiting and sharing household responsibilities--have been a primary mode of collectivity that has challenged the hegemony of the heterosexual nuclear family.
The article poses questions concerning the ability of one intellectual voice to represent the collectivity of black experience and of black slaves.
lt;p>Jungo Ltd, a provider of connectivity software and driver development tools, today announced the availability of a TV set-top box (STB) USB Collectivity software solution which can be used to extend the active life of a STB by connecting it to any home or wireless network via a USB.