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The two correlations identified in the general collectivity are not real, as in the two subgroups (industry and tourist services) correlation could not be identified.
Thus, there shall be "a legislative autonomy, in the case in which there is acknowledged to a human collectivity the right to exert itself or by its appointed representatives the legislative function.
Newman argues, in reply, that even the relation of supervenience between a collectivity and its members, i.
heteronormative standards, the present essay unmasks the ways sexual normativity has obscured collectivity as a resistive strategy in the lives of two "alternative" intimate groups with important overlaps, black gay and lesbian communities and African American extended families.
Thus, as with the White supremacist collectivities Ahmed describes, the collectivity we might posit as a product of the emotions at work at the MSIC is one in which likeness or shared feeling is the product of contact rather than its precursor.
The interpersonal competence means handling human relationships between the boss and the employees, having advantages for both sides and especially for the collectivity that they both belong to.
Among the discussions are a multiple-theory approach to transition management for sustainability, self-organization and the significance of history in the search for a new local sense of collectivity, an organic approach to innovation and transition, synthesizing needs in system innovation through structured design, linking transition management in the North with development in the global South, and the relationship between description and prescription in transition research.
What she expects, above all, from this utopian project is a displacement of globalization's individualism and restricted permeability into a permeable planetary collectivity.
It's a process--a balance of individuality and collectivity.
Mayotte, a corruption of the Arabic maute, meaning 'Place of the Dead', is an overseas collectivity of France consisting of a main island, Grande-Terre (or Mahore), a smaller island, Petite-Terre (or Pamanzi), and several islets around these two.
Vaughan wanted to go, Alastair Cook is not sufficiently rounded yet and it's all Andrew Strauss can do to get his own game right, never mind that of the collectivity.