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There is no mystery to how agents can collectivize reason in such a way that they have the requisite mens rea that allows for, say, Daniel Pinkerton to be convicted for the crimes of Walter Pinkerton, even if Daniel was in jail at the time.
The second factor is changes to the proxy rules which permit shareholders to collectivize more freely.
Rather than provide a respite from current forces, or an attempt to collectivize them, architecture, too, now contributes to an environment that bodies forth sensation at all times.
But this sector also stubbornly refused to collectivize during the Communist regime because of the belief that collectivization would mean a loss of identity.
In the central sequence of the film, the POUM unit liberates a village and convenes a meeting at which the peasants vote to confiscate and collectivize the local landowner's estate.
The period is crucial because the combined, disastrous effects of both the campaign to collectivize the peasantry and the devastation wrought by the Second World War are revealed.
As in the aftermath of Jared Loughner's Arizona rampage, the rush to collectivize the blame was almost immediate.
Instead, complicating the picture of a savage regime and a passive and martyred people, these historians have shown us how Soviet citizens resisted the state's attempts to collectivize the land, ration food, implement labor discipline, and implant informers among the population.
But how, Schmidtz asks, can we collectivize responsibility without externalization?
The long-term goals are to abolish money--all forms of money--entirely, collectivize all of the Earth's resources under a global management system, and relocate the Earth's population into planned communities.
And while the drive to Asheville to buy food does consume a significant amount of energy, this is offset by the fact that most members of the ecovillage collectivize their trips to the city.
The Communist Party launched a massive campaign to collectivize the peasantry in the winter of 1929-1930.