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And while the drive to Asheville to buy food does consume a significant amount of energy, this is offset by the fact that most members of the ecovillage collectivize their trips to the city.
Instead, complicating the picture of a savage regime and a passive and martyred people, these historians have shown us how Soviet citizens resisted the state's attempts to collectivize the land, ration food, implement labor discipline, and implant informers among the population.
Nonetheless, the treaty is nominally in force and could serve as a precedent for future attempts to collectivize the solar system.
As in the aftermath of Jared Loughner's Arizona rampage, the rush to collectivize the blame was almost immediate.
The Communist Party launched a massive campaign to collectivize the peasantry in the winter of 1929-1930.
In the 1930s, Joseph Stalin launched one of history's largest campaigns of mass murder in an attempt to collectivize agriculture in the Ukraine.
Beginning with the Russian revolution and the draconian Soviet campaigns under Stalin to collectivize (hence modernize) agriculture and capture the peasantry that had made its own revolution in 1917 and the years of the civil war, Scott employs an impressive array of secondary sources and key primary documents to demonstrate the dehumanization, destruction, and environmental degradation that have very often been the main products of these grand schemes to remake the world according to high modernist ideals.
Eschewing citing evidence individually, with consistency, Pearlman's citations always conclude each paragraph, resulting in a bibliography that collectivizes research information.