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In fact, the calculated tolls are based on the information which is produced as part of a collectivized management of the infrastructures.
It abolished private property and forced farmers to work together on collectivized farms.
During the Soviet era, Stalin ended the Kazakhs nomadic ways and collectivized the farms or work in the factories.
The social safety net has been badly frayed, not by any pressures of globalization, but by the collectivized, top-down nature of traditional social insurance.
The fifth chapter covers Soviet life on the collective farms, treating what Soviet life meant to collectivized peasants and those on state farms.
It's not one's job, in other words, to take massified or collectivized public opinion as one finds it, let alone be its ventriloquizer.
Beginning in the mid-1950s, the Communist Party state in north Vietnam established collectivized farming, a centrepiece for its radical reorganization of agricultural production.
Pastoralists were a prime target for communist modernization strategies when sedentarisation and development through urbanisation were envisaged, and rural development meant that pre-revolution pastoral practices were transformed into collectivized herd management strategies by centralized authorities, increasing livestock numbers and environmental stress.
But Deng's theory did not simply introduce market principles to collectivized China.
His Seeing Like a State is largely about the failure of planning in modernist cities such as Chandigarh in India and Brasilia in Brazil, and of collectivized agriculture, particularly in the Soviet Union and Tanzania.
concluding that "the Carolingian age was the decisive period in the revolutionary transition from autarchic to collectivized, socialized monasticism.
Horse breeding, like most other agricultural activities, was collectivized into a system of state farms under Russia's former communist regime.