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They claimed that true collegiality would undermine primacy.
In calculating the costs and benefits of lobbying on our courts, the negative impact of lobbying on the collegiality of the court will seldom be matched by the magnitude of the case.
If you start with the local church, then collegiality comes from the top and from the bottom," Keenan said.
The defining controversy, as already indicated, concerned the nature and structure of the church, especially the question of collegiality.
Clay Salmela: "I have seen collegiality at its best during my
Styles, moving forward in a spirit of collegiality as we implement the goals of "The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health.
2) The main attention of the author throughout this book is given to the teachings of the Council that promote the collegiality of the bishops, in view of correcting the monarchical understanding of the papacy developed in the Middle Ages in response to the concrete challenges at the time.
Even in extreme cases, though, a spirit of collegiality in the relationship between faculty and student remains the bedrock for assisting students in trouble.
I have never followed the reasoning behind a theory of collegiality that excludes the head of the college or his representatives," he said, referring to the traditional understanding that the pope is the head of the college of bishops.
At Vatican II, the fathers of the council expanded and elaborated on the notion, and found solid theological backing for collegiality "in the will of Christ, in the sacrament of Holy Orders and in the nature of the church as communion.
Need for collegiality surfaces as a persistent theme
When it came to subsidiarity and collegiality, it was obvious some participants aren't ready to play follow the leader.

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