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COLLEGE. A civil corporation, society or company, authorized by law, having in general a literary object. In some countries by college is understood the union of certain voters in *one body; such bodies are called electoral colleges; as, the college of electors or their deputies to the diet of Ratisbon; the college of cardinals. The term is used in the United States; as, the college of electors of president and vice-president, of the United States. Act of Congress of January 23, 1845.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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National Collegiate Student Loan Trust 2005-3/NCF Grantor Trust 2005-3:
America, headquartered in Webberville, Michigan, with additional offices in North Carolina, Ohio and Hong Kong, is a designer and distributor of licensed and blank apparel and headwear products, including several collegiate brands.
collegiate athlete's name, nicknames, and catchphrases.
It will replace a 1960s building, known as Platten Hall, which is currently occupied by the Collegiate School.
One case in point is The Institutes' Collegiate Studies for CPCU program and certificate.
Collegiate licensing appears most successful in just a few product categories, such as drinkware and serveware, but those niches have exponential possibilities when you consider the market, one vendor said.
The properties were owned by three claimants: DLR Properties, LLC (Riese), Collegiate Church Corporation (Collegiate), and 200 Broadway Joint Venture Co., LLC (Joint Venture), an entity in which Collegiate had a 49.9% interest.
IT was a special day for Collegiate on Saturday as they hosted the club's best attended event for some time.
Student Intern: The student intern attends PD Executive Committee Board meetings and chairs the Collegiate Council meetings for a year.
Summary: DUBAI -- Innoventures Education announced the opening of its latest school, the Collegiate American School.
Private student lending CUSO CU Student Choice has partnered with college planning and funding software provider Collegiate Funding Solutions to launch a collaborative promotional effort.
"We consumed your resources, dehumanized your people, and disregarded your culture," representatives from Collegiate Church said in a statement.

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