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COLLEGE. A civil corporation, society or company, authorized by law, having in general a literary object. In some countries by college is understood the union of certain voters in *one body; such bodies are called electoral colleges; as, the college of electors or their deputies to the diet of Ratisbon; the college of cardinals. The term is used in the United States; as, the college of electors of president and vice-president, of the United States. Act of Congress of January 23, 1845.

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This is a great opportunity to showcase the skill levels of today s collegiate tennis players, Hurd said.
Wilton Armetale launched its collegiate collection of alternative metal serveware and grillware this fall.
Class 1 - Michigan Technological University SAE Collegiate Branch
The match was set for a tense finish, but with six minutes to go and a one point lead to defend, poor discipline and general naivety cost Collegiate the win, giving away two simple penalties for Ormskirk to convert and take the points.
Division I-AA institutions have, for the most part, followed suit by hiring full-time strength / conditioning personnel, but just as with Divisions II and III, the implementation of qualified strength and conditioning professionals at every level of collegiate athletics needs to accelerate and become the status quo.
The Collegiate Church traces its history to the Dutch settlement of Nieuw Amsterdam, where the first congregation met in 1628 in a room in the settlement's mill.
Be the first to register your interest in the penthouses or any of the apartments at the Collegiate by contacting Urban Splash on 07000 37 37 37 or visit the Collegiate sales office, open 7 days a week from 11am to 6pm.
I have a lot of admiration for David Schowalter and his commitment to find an American manufacturer who could produce the quality Collegiate Bead Company's brand required and also be globally price competitive," said Mike Byam, managing partner of Terryberry.
Collegiate will rename the two-story building at Broadway and Fulton Street "New Amsterdam Center," part of a repositioning strategy to take advantage of the high density foot traffic that passes by and through the building.
ATLANTA -- On average, nearly 5000 pieces of counterfeit collegiate merchandise, ranging from t-shirts to hats, are seized outside the host stadium of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) title game each year.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), a division of IMG Worldwide, and The Upper Deck Company, a leading producer of sports trading cards, announced today a multi-year agreement on behalf of more than 200 collegiate institutions for Upper Deck to be the exclusive licensee in the collegiate trading card category.
The academic year at Western Washington University began with our MTNA collegiate chapter, now in its second year, hosting a convocation for our entire music department on the second day of classes.

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