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If a cue ball collides on an angle with a colored ball, both balls would deflect in a V-shape at a -- angle.
Looking through the brochure for Collide WM 05, what strikes you about the 12 specially-commissioned projects is how wide-ranging they are in style and medium.
Within auroral ovals, some 100 to 1,000 km (62 to 620 mi) over our heads, high-energy electrons from solar plasma collide with air molecules in Earth's upper atmosphere.
If dark matter particles can collide, then dark matter halos would tend to merge more frequently than they would otherwise.
The planets' gravity would cause surrounding debris to collide and shatter, generating the doughnut shape.
Theoretical models suggest that most of the X rays from this remote blazar are created when high-speed electrons in the jet collide with the sea of cosmic background photons left over from the Big Bang.
In deep space, black holes may sometimes swirl together and then collide, sending out staggering bursts of gravitational waves.