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If a cue ball collides on an angle with a colored ball, both balls would deflect in a V-shape at a -- angle.
Wembley Central, October 1984: Passenger train and freight train collide killing three and injuring 60.
Collide is a showcase festival staged by Birmingham city council for black and Asian artists based in the city.
About 65,000 km (40,400 mi) above the surface, solar winds collide with Earth's magnetic field, an invisible region of magnetic forces surrounding the planet.
The Suzuki bike went on to collide with the owner of a second car and then the car itself.
Normal rainstorms occur when the water droplets collide and stick to one another.
And new evidence indicates that when speeding fragments of dark matter meet, they don't collide as other matter does but pass right through each other, ghostlike.
Passenger jet, cargo plane nearly collide at O'Hare.
The planets' gravity would cause surrounding debris to collide and shatter, generating the doughnut shape.
Theoretical models suggest that most of the X rays from this remote blazar are created when high-speed electrons in the jet collide with the sea of cosmic background photons left over from the Big Bang.