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Looking through the brochure for Collide WM 05, what strikes you about the 12 specially-commissioned projects is how wide-ranging they are in style and medium.
When the ball collides with the wall, the wall may push and redirect the ball toward a desired direction.
Newton, Glasgow, July 1990: Two trains on same track collide head-on, killing four and injuring 22.
Nepris is also funded by investors from The Collide Center.
Such ripples appear whenever a small galaxy- collides nearly head-on with a larger one, says Block.
when he looked in his rear-view mirror and saw a black Mustang veer across four lanes of traffic, bounce off the guard rail and collide with the bottom of his trailer.
As the galaxies collide and pass through each other, their dense clouds create a magnetic bridge, stretching out their magnetic field lines much as a taffy machine pulls taffy, Condon says.
A similar fate may befall our own galaxy, which is expected to collide with Andromeda, its nearest spiral neighbor, several billion years from now.
When high-energy protons collide with atoms and molecules in space, they create a short-lived subatomic particle called a neutral pion.