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Most volcanoes are located in areas where the large plates that make up Earth's surface continually collide with each other or pull apart.
About 65,000 km (40,400 mi) above the surface, solar winds collide with Earth's magnetic field, an invisible region of magnetic forces surrounding the planet.
Gamma rays that collide with lower-energy radiation sometimes vanish, leaving pairs of electrons and positrons in their wake.
James Scotti, an astronomer in Tucson who is part of another team scanning the skies for asteroids that might collide with Earth someday, said this object is probably just below the threshold size at which an impact could cause global havoc.
A similar fate may befall our own galaxy, which is expected to collide with Andromeda, its nearest spiral neighbor, several billion years from now.
A more likely possibility, he notes, is that energetic protons, too massive to be slowed by radiation, collide with either each other or photons.