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And a biker was left with serious injuries after colliding with a car on the A5 outside Corwen on Tuesday.
Fear, in particular, of getting back into the vehicle and colliding again.
Most volcanoes are located where the large, rigid plates that make up the Earth's surface continually move toward or away from each other, colliding or spreading apart,
Because the mass of the final ion is smaller than the colliding ions, the collision will produce a substantial amount of energy.
It then left the road and crossed two gardens before colliding with a parked car.
A SEVENYEAROLD boy was fighting for his life today after colliding with a car.
NIST has successfully developed an experimental technique and a numerical model to study the dynamic behavior of a head colliding with a disk.
It mounted the pavement and collided with a shop front and two pedestrians before returning to the carriageway and colliding with a parked and unattended Vauxhall Vectra.
And the driver of a Vauxhall Astra van was hurt after colliding with a bus in Brighton, East Sussex.
While the superpowers conducted peacetalks, their submarines, armed with nuclear weapons, were colliding with each other on a regular basis.