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He denied behaving in a threatening manner at Windermere Road in Annan, acting aggressively and making sectarian remarks, driving carelessly and colliding with metal railings in Annan Road, Eastriggs.
Deputy county commissioner Vitalis Ogur said the 18-year-old collapsed after colliding with the goalkeeper.
A tugboat sank near a pier in Zamboanga City after colliding with a tanker on Wednesday.
Mum-of-one Amanda Bakewell, of Trefnant, was killed after colliding with a tractor outside the Denbighshire village earlier this month.
How does a cue ball colliding with a colored ball change the way both balls move?
Gol 737-800 crash investigators have concluded that the ExcelAire Legacy 600 had its transponder switched off before colliding with the passenger aircraft, Estado de Sao Paulo reported.
Modelers had previously simulated gravitational waves produced by colliding neutron stars, which are city-size balls of neutrons.
Most volcanoes are located where the large, rigid plates that make up the Earth's surface continually move toward or away from each other, colliding or spreading apart,
Because the mass of the final ion is smaller than the colliding ions, the collision will produce a substantial amount of energy.