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A word together with its more frequent collocates can be called a collocate cluster.
Moving down the column it can be seen with what words the node word has the highest (bold) number of collocates in common and with what words the collocate intersection is the smallest (grey background).
Although generate may collocate with negative words referring to different aspects of pollution, it certainly does not collocate with other negative words like risk.
node 1,999 <top collocate 10%, other collocates .
A growing reliance on key suppliers and customers also makes it more difficult to collocate teams physically.
Both in the frequencies of the target words and in the collocate words found in their proximity, we found language-usage patterns that suggested a gender-based contrast in the semantic content of the targets.
The decision to collocate MODEX 2018 and TLA was made for several reasons, according to George W.
Results make it clear how many times and in which position node and collocate co-occur, highlighting in bold the most frequent collocation.
The notional sets derived from collocates of the node word 'blood' (See Appendix A) yield lexical patterns that clearly connect with the theme of damaged identity and enhance the themes of the novel in general.