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To sum up what we have up to the moment: from the data obtained with "Collocates", it may be concluded that resistance is the most frequent collocate of the term abrasion, as "Clusters" and "Concordance" also corroborate.
Then, since English drama is not evaluatively loaded, the derived adjective does not convey any evaluative meaning, modifying a wide variety of nouns that can carry either positive, negative or neutral prosody, such as improvement, increase, fall or change; and the same applies to the adverb, which has among its most frequent collocates the corresponding verbs (improve, increase, fall, etc.).
The data-base provides the necessary information to calculate the strength of attraction between word-pairs, for example between a given head-word and its top collocate. In the following cases, given the head-word, there is a very high probability (over 20 per cent) that a specific single top collocate will occur:
We next produced the men's corpus and submitted the target words to a statistical inquiry designed to reveal their collocates -- the words and phrases that characteristically tended to appear in their proximity within a sentence -- in the writing of both the women and the men.
Outline of the term extraction process (TEP) undertaken with WordSmith Tools WordList Preselection (stage 1) (phase I) Generation of monolexical frequency lists (stage 2) KeyWords Generation of saliency lists (stage 3) WordList Generation of Mutual Information (MI) lists (stage 4) (phase II) concord Clusters analysis: polylexical lists (stage 5) Collocates analysis (stage 6) Concordance analysis (stage 7) WordList Comparison and combination of frequency and saliency (phase I) results for obtaining a first list of prospective KeyWords monolexical terms.
being O the observed frequency of a collocate in the node's environment, that is, the actual co-occurrence frequency between collocate and node; and E the collocate's expected frequency, in other words, the theoretical predicted co-occurrence frequency, calculated as follows:
For instance, part of the meaning of the node mesa (in its 'furniture' sense) can be inferred from collocates such as silla, comer, sentar(se), etc.
The decision to collocate MODEX 2018 and TLA was made for several reasons, according to George W.
In each of those sentences, the verb deprive has been allowed to collocate with the particle of.
Halliday's syntax view for the fact that he inexplicably locates collocation both within syntax and colligation (a major mismatch between Halliday's thinking and that of Firth) and for his ignorance of grammatical collocates (40-43).
Schlumberger chairman and CEO Paal Kibsgaard said: "The new industrial manufacturing centre will collocate our upstream and midstream manufacturing in the kingdom and complements the footprint Schlumberger has built over many years."
"The new industrial manufacturing center will collocate our upstream and midstream manufacturing in the Kingdom and complements the footprint Schlumberger has built over many years," said Schlumberger Chairman Paal Kibsgaard.