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Moving down the column it can be seen with what words the node word has the highest (bold) number of collocates in common and with what words the collocate intersection is the smallest (grey background).
According to the second column, the collocate cluster of inimene 'human being' is the most reminiscent of that of mees 'man'.
a verbal collocate was used in the same lexico-syntactic pattern throughout the corpus.
It seems that this novel term has a particular purpose in studying collocation and relates to the special peculiarity of words to collocate seemingly unpredictably and also for one collocate to enhance certain semantic aspects of the other collocate.
node 1,999 <top collocate 10%, other collocates .
In the following cases, given the head-word, there is a very high probability (over 20 per cent) that a specific single top collocate will occur:
This exception could be said to reflect an assumption of the centrality of the male gender in the minds of both sexes and certainly supports Olsen's observation about the collocate patterns of the possessive pronoun in relation to femme, that "the definition of woman depends, in no small part, on being `possessed' by someone, typically a male" (362).
The verbs found in proximity to the usage of sex in both samples implied an interesting contrast: the women's collocate verb was feign, and the men's was boast.
EDSAT expects as many as 40 education programmers to collocate on ASC-1 during the 1992-93 school year.
The company also announced that it will collocate the Connersville Police Department alongside the entirety of its operations where it will produce the Carbon E7, the world's first purpose-built law enforcement patrol vehicle.
The notional sets derived from collocates of the node word 'blood' (See Appendix A) yield lexical patterns that clearly connect with the theme of damaged identity and enhance the themes of the novel in general.
The notional sets of 'green' collocates (See Appendix C) similarly suggest qualities that are not readily apparent with syntagmatic reading.