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Ms Williams said the quality of the new staff accommodation would play a major role in helping the health service, and the other agencies involved in the collocated facility, to attract and retain staff, which was always a challenge in country areas.
To date, no studies have examined no-show rates for behavioral services provided in partially integrated models such as coordinated and collocated care.
They have folks collocated with us, forward-deployed, so they're in many of the same places we are.
In Milacron's case, the groups that needed to be collocated were separated by 600 miles.
References to place collocated with gold are typically generalized, connoting freedom of movement, whether physical or mental.
ITE and Messe Mnchen will host the collocated Transportation & Logistics Americas independently of MODEX.
I found many of the program management and leadership skills I used when leading a collocated integrated product team were not applicable "as is" when leading a GDT.