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Our 40,000 square foot Marlborough facility is following the path of our successful Worcester facility, as customers grow to realize the cost benefits of collocating where there is redundancy and easy access to multiple service providers," said Doug Wiest, president of Gridcom, a National Grid company.
Akamai, already an important Internap customer, significantly increased its connectivity commitment to Internap and is strategically collocating content delivery servers at Internap Service Points.
Since TESS is also collocating in the ILEC's central offices, the Company is able to deliver DSL services extremely cost-effectively, and to communities where there is often little if any broadband competition," Ferrari added.
This strategy could include building data centers, Web hosting facilities or collocating at a third party site.
By collocating on existing towers, carriers can speed up their time to deployment and eliminate costs previously associated with new tower construction.
Recently, we have won contracts to host and develop major web sites, along with collocating customers' web servers on our high-speed Internet connection.