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In a firm that historically has used a strong functional organizational structure, the need for collocating more of the team members may be greater.
Our 40,000 square foot Marlborough facility is following the path of our successful Worcester facility, as customers grow to realize the cost benefits of collocating where there is redundancy and easy access to multiple service providers," said Doug Wiest, president of Gridcom, a National Grid company.
By collocating on existing towers, carriers can speed up their time to deployment and eliminate costs previously associated with new tower construction.
Recently, we have won contracts to host and develop major web sites, along with collocating customers' web servers on our high-speed Internet connection.
We also liked the way CyberwallPLUS provides remote management, an important feature when you are collocating your solution.
Wiznet is now deploying DSL services at various locations throughout the greater metropolitan Toronto area by using a `near location' deployment model whereby Wiznet locates its facilities near a wiring center instead of collocating equipment in the Central Office (CO).
The company is collocating its switching and DSL equipment inside the central offices of the incumbent telephone company.
1 million in BlueStar Communications illustrates the progress that BlueStar Communications has made in building a high-speed data network throughout the Southeastern United States, selling our DSL products and services to small and medium-sized businesses, collocating its DSL equipment in carrier central offices, and bringing an experienced and talented management team to our headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee," said Robert E.