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COLLOCATION, French law. The act by which the creditors of an estate are arranged in the order in which they are to be paid according to law. The order in which the creditors-are placed, is also called collocation. Merl. Rep. h.t. Vide Marshalling Assets.

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Collocation Solutions clients have access to a high concentration of bandwidth providers in a unique carrier-neutral setting.
70% of our audience are using or planning a move to collocation providers, as revealed by Data Center Knowledge survey .
DALLAS, June 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Collocation Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of customized datacenter infrastructure and managed network services, today announced an aggressive expansion into channel business with a new program and new hire.
We appreciate the opportunity to showcase our data center in Las Vegas," said Tim Moore, VP of Collocation Solutions.
In addition to our data center services they are looking for additional help with their Disaster Recovery communication services," says Tim Moore, Vice President of Collocation Solutions.
As a result, we can cost-effectively provide collocation and data communications services over our reliable fiber network to local companies who have limited options in this geographic area.
COMDEPOT will be located at the INFOMART, Collocation Solutions, L.
The deployment flexibility inherent in the Calix C7, along with a wide range of available service interfaces, also allows FDN Communications to deploy in premises collocations and begin selective overbuilding of ILEC service areas.
Collocation on a pre-existing structure can take as little as two to four weeks after the paperwork is completed, compared to a minimum of three to four months for building a new tower site, barring any licensing or permitting delays.
Collocation in 90-Days: Qwest will now offer collocation space within 90 days of Qwest's receipt of a CLEC's request for collocation provided that sufficient space is available.
Our record collocation lease-up rate is a result of our highly efficient collocation operations," said Steve Clark, Chief Executive Officer, SpectraSite.
said: "A key part of our strategy is to offer medium and large enterprises integrated solutions that include reliable collocation and disaster recovery benefits.