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COLLOCATION, French law. The act by which the creditors of an estate are arranged in the order in which they are to be paid according to law. The order in which the creditors-are placed, is also called collocation. Merl. Rep. h.t. Vide Marshalling Assets.

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Michael Lewis as cited in Martynska [17] defines collocation as a subcategory of multi-word items, made up of individual words which habitually co-occur and can be found free- fixed collocational continuum.
In Oxford Collocation Dictionary, collocation is defined as "the way words combine in a language to produce natural-sounding speech and writing.
Concerning the literature related to teaching and learning collocations, Higueras (2007) points out that the concept of lexical collocation is frequently present in pedagogical resources for ESL/EFL vocabulary teaching, whereas in the case of L2 Spanish instruction, this concept cautiously appears in recently published teacher training books and texts that particularly center on vocabulary learning.
Collocation America is poised to develop into the leading provider of co-location, dedicated server hosting, shared hosting, web development, bandwidth and IP services, Virtual Private Networks and Managed Services.
On the contrary to what happened to the use of the definite article with the collocation death penalty', and asserting what it had previously been mentioned regarding Brazilian students' overuse of the definite article, it could be identified an overuse of the definite article 'the' with the collocation 'death row', as shown below (Figure 4).
The importance of this test is reinforced by theoretical doubt that the frequency alone does not necessarily constitute a collocation and the co-occurrence might be accidental.
The word collocation is a relatively new addition to the lexicon of English.
Fup collocation discretization reduces the problem to a system of algebraic equations for domain collocation points:
Ten instances of the collocation were considered the minimum level of acceptance (3), although most of them proved to be much more frequent.
Here too, along with unmistakeable indications, we find a number of open questions (see Cermak, 2000), such as: how important for the delimitation (identification) of a collocation is its length, extent (number of words), as well as its (uninterrupted) continual character, etc.
For contrastive purposes, it also contains one relatively low-ranked and statistically insignificant collocation.
Only three collocations were stressed or pronounced incorrectly by the experimental group: available on the internet, dealt with the, scan the images.