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COLLOCATION, French law. The act by which the creditors of an estate are arranged in the order in which they are to be paid according to law. The order in which the creditors-are placed, is also called collocation. Merl. Rep. h.t. Vide Marshalling Assets.

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It can be described as a collocational frame (grammatical construction or schema)
Predikativni instrumental' u svetlu kolokacijske analize ['Predicative instrumental' in the light of collocational analysis].
The present study seeks to find the sources of the grammatical collocational errors made by Iranian EFL learners.
During several years spent in Birmingham University he won over a whole group of linguists Michael Hoey, Susan Hunston, Michael Stubbs, Wolfgang Teubert and Elena Tognini-Bonelli-to share his own understanding of collocational relations (McEnery and Hardie 2012:122).
A collocational pattern emerges relating lexemes from Botany, which contributes to discourse coherence: plant, places where they grow, garden (highlighted in the text below).
According to partial results from our research carried out in a public University in Brazil, students did not have good collocational test results when collocations were not taught explicitly, confirming other researches which also support the explicit teaching of collocations (BAHNS; ELDAW 1993; CHANNEL, 1981; CONZETT, 2000; FONTENELLE, 1994; HILL, 2000; MARTON, 1977).
Inaccurate and hasty translations or paraphrases by teachers especially for idiomatic or collocational uses of MAKE and DO may explain the random, as opposed to the idiomatic, use of these verbs.
Whereas ESA takes into account only encyclopedic knowledge from Wikipedia, EWC considers encyclopedic, ontological, and collocational knowledge about terms.
In addition to the linguistic context which refers to the syntactic and collocational substances, the non-linguistic context as well as the various postures and gestures is which exchanges take place equally from the parameter for a successful literary text (pp24-25).
The differences in the use of selected collocations between the general and specialised English are supposed to illustrate that specific collocational competence should be involved in teaching and learning specialised English in general and legal English in particular.
2] is recognized as a marker of traffic-related pollution because of its collocational association with other pollutants (Beckerman et al.
The findings have shown that students resorted to various strategies in order to overcome the problem of rendering certain collocational expressions.