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COLLOCATION, French law. The act by which the creditors of an estate are arranged in the order in which they are to be paid according to law. The order in which the creditors-are placed, is also called collocation. Merl. Rep. h.t. Vide Marshalling Assets.

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On the importance of collocations it can be said that while attaching due significance to the inclusion of lexical items in EFL syllabus, highlighting the importance of collocations is a necessity.
In comparison with the BNC, the numerical log-likelihood values obtained show that the use of the selected collocations in my corpus is much more frequent than in the BNC, i.
Cruse distinguished collocations and idioms, reminding readers that in collocations (such as heavy rain or heavy smoker) there is a kind of semantic cohesion such that "the constituent elements are, to varying degrees, mutually selective" (p.
Coast to Coast's customers will still be able to order traditional plain old telephone service (POTS), which will be tied into the network at the carrier's collocation sites using industry standard network interfaces such as GR-303.
These collocations are in Greenville, SC; Spartanburg, SC; Anderson, SC; Charleston, SC; Atlanta, GA; Greensboro, NC; Winston-Salem, NC; Charlotte, NC; Wilmington, NC; Jacksonville, FL; Miami, FL; New Orleans, LA; Birmingham, AL; Louisville, KY; Nashville, TN; and Jackson, MS.
Network Plus will have access to 54 Local Service Offices (LSO) which immediately adds 54 collocations to the Company's network footprint with an additional 75 by the end of 2001.
This switch will serve 41 collocations by year-end expanding the Company's on-net market opportunity to 425,000 lines in Georgia and providing on-net services to existing customers before year-end 2000.
Upon completion of the merger, Elantic will service more than 67,000 local access lines, with over 1,500 miles of fiber, eight state-of-the-art switches, and 140 collocations in 16 markets on the eastern seaboard.
In total, Integra has added five class five switches, 67 collocations and 375 employees since year end 1999.
McLeodUSA applauds the FCC for allowing competitors the right to install next-generation `soft switches' and other multifunctional equipment in collocations," said McLeodUSA Chairman Clark McLeod.
With the completion of the El Segundo collocation site, the Company has established 120 collocation sites in the southern California area.
Highlights of Net2000's collocation service features and benefits include: