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There is a need to share new findings as fast as possible and globally and we are delighted to be able to fulfil this need with the launch of Colloid and Interface Science Communications.
4) The patient's condition and surgeon's experience supported treatment of the colloid cyst in the foramen of Monro by transcortical transventricular approach and was successful.
pzc]), surface behavior of colloid the zeta potential measurement has been carried out.
For comparison of infusion volumes of albumin and synthetic colloids, volume of synthetic colloid was converted to "5% albumin equivalents" based on published intravascular volume expansion properties16-18.
The model is a colloidial fluid, a liquid with tiny particles, or colloids, suspended evenly in it.
Patients with colloid cysts most commonly present with signs of intermittent, acute intracranial hypertension, attributed to movement of the cyst on its pedicle, causing episodic obstruction of the foramen of Monro.
The development of optimal products is dependent on the accurate measurement of colloid properties and an understanding of the variables affecting them.
Each patient received peritumoral, subepithelial injections of 500 mCi of technetium-99m-labeled, sulfur-filtered colloid into four quadrants of the cervix about 4 hours before surgery.
Leaist will join forces with the strong group of StFX colloid scientists including professors Gerry Marangoni, MCIC, and Rom Palepu, FCIC, who are recognized as leading colloid chemists in Canada.
Carolo Colloid is the pseudonym of Carlo Lorenzini (1826-1890), an Italian journalist whose translations of French fairy tales in the late 1870s became so popular that he wrote his own, "Le Avventure di Pinocchio" (The Adventures of Pinocchio) in 1881 which went on to become a children's classic around the world and in 1940 was the basis for the animated film by Walt Disney.
Serial sectioning of thyroid follicles showed thyroid hyperplasia with increased follicular epithelial cell height and reduced colloid in all groups of fish that had been exposed to perchlorate for 28 days, compared with control fish.