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He is merchandising all our replica shirts and scarfs in America, through his teams and through his corporation," Collop said.
A A collop of meat derives from the French term "escalope".
Collop and Sahn described five patients who delivered by caesarean section during ventilation, only one of whom showed dramatic improvement in oxygenation, although further details were not supplied (7).
Collop, "Linear Rhelogical Behavior of Bituminous Paving Materials," J.
Nancy Collop MD -- Central Apnea and Cheyne-Stokes Respiration
During the recent annual meeting of the ACCP, Nancy Collop, M.
Dubrow also pays considerable attention to "subsidiary" male writers such as John Collop, who prompts an entire chapter on "the ugly beauty tradition" or Bartholomew Griffin, who "would at first seem to merit no more than a passing glance," but who yields "intriguing oddities" when subjected to Dubrow's exacting eye (59).
A 4-2 Division VI quarterfinal loss last week to Pacific Coast Christian was overturned by the Southern Section because PCC pitcher Andy Collop made four appearances in one week.
She claimed that it was stillborn because Abraham Ryley had refused to let her have a bit of a beef collop a week before the birth; and that she `was not so in the bearing of this as she was in the bearing of her former children'.
Collop is perhaps best known to a select few readers for his now rarely read verse collection, Poesis Rediviva (1656), in which he celebrates such disturbing female manifestations as Aureola, 'the Yellow Skin'd Lady' (a play on Martial's reference to a Roman gold coin as an 'aureolus').
Home testing is here to stay" according to Nancy Collop, MD, FAASM, the Immediate Past President of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and Director of the Emory Clinic Sleep Center, Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
MELTHAM newsagent Mrs Annie Woodhead is pictured keeping up the village tradition of giving out sweets to local children for Collop Monday.