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And, of course, he has 125 cassette singles, or as they were colloquially known back in the day, "cassingles.
Big Tim" Sullivan, colloquially known as "King of the Lower East Side" or even "King of the Underworld" due to his behind-the-scenes influence in early twentieth century New York City politics.
Jones and has as its theme the scientific research in the geographic center of the Great Basin colloquially known as the 'Sunshine Locality' and represents the first comprehensive treatment of historical research combined with recent studies to present an analysis of the area's paleoenvironmental resources including issues of geology, flora, and fauna.
This is followed by games organised by the Round Table, colloquially termed Boolin' and Jaapin.
ANSWERS: The cello; 2 Harwich; 3 The speed of light; 4 Sacramento; 5 Biodegradable; 6 The Red Ensign (or colloquially the Red Duster); 7 Mayor of London; 8 Piccolo; 9 Dandelion (dent de lion); 10 Shaun Murphy.
One of the last to go was sharing of costs, officially known as "referrals", but colloquially known as "back-handers".
I think doubling our reach, colloquially, is a pretty reasonable estimate," said Marshal Salomon, the company's chief financial officer.
Known colloquially as "backpack mail" and officially as board of education policy 7041, the district's procedure for distribution of non-school-related materials sets the following criteria: the program must serve public K12 students, it must not violate the law, it must not occur during regular school hours, it must contain a non-endorsement statement, and the program must be "considered appropriate" by the superintendent.
Commonly referred to as "backlog reductions," or more colloquially as "service triages" the ability to step in, assess, and quickly put into place an action plan to resolve backlogs is becoming more prevalent.
Any development must wait until the Port Authority completes work on the slurry wall, colloquially known as the "bathtub" which protects the WTC site from the nearby Hudson River.
Mumbai is also the center of India's large film industry, colloquially termed "Bollywood" (after Bombay, the previous name, and Hollywood), which greatly exceeds Hollywood in the number of films produced annually.