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The tacit colluder bids on another subject's item if and only if either (1) the item has not been bid on at all for a long time, or (2) the item belongs to a non-collusive subject who has bid on another bidder's item.
For example, the algorithm [50] produces orthogonal fingerprinting for each customer, the fingerprinting is then modulated by the cover video, and correlation detection is used to determine the ownership or colluders from the copies.
They can be organized to a collusive group or chain through collaborating with each other to promote their reputation values or to decrease other peers' reputation values, such as the colluders in Maze or eBay system;
When circumstances make it possible for one agent or a few colluders to prevent someone from obtaining the goods needed to engage in wide ranges of activities (or at least a few crucial ones), then they can threaten to prevent someone from achieving most other ends.
In addition to Tajneed, the colluders also had Signor Peltro and Rileyskeepingfaith, who were third and fourth, Hitchens and Tiddliwinks, who were sixth and seventh, and ninth-placed Advanced.
The point is that while Desai is the kingpin of the medical education racket, the army of colluders he heads is also really large.
Future studies may examine systematically under what conditions public managers will behave as conservators of regime values versus colluders of private interests.
AT a time when we should be investing in skills and education, this myopic bunch of colluders called the New Labour Government chooses to cut university places.
To Iran, those entrusted with the Palestinian cause quickly turn to defeatists, colluders and agents.
When the Menzies mission to Cairo failed, the colluders felt they were that much closer to their concerted use of force.
Leading sites also operate state-of-the-art computer programs designed to prevent collusion, detect fraud patterns and identify colluders.
24) Historians--some of them willing scholarly colluders in the racist ideologies of the 1930s and 1940s (25)--did nothing to address the problem, and the musical public had little repertoire upon which to base any more substantive views.