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When Republicans released their findings, though, Schiff did not mention collusion, choosing instead to accuse the majority of cutting short the investigation and placing "the interests of protecting the president over protecting the country.
Whether or not there is collusion, and who is doing the colluding, is the implicit or explicit focus for every news development and investigative finding thus far.
Horizontal price collusion (among the companies) would justify bigger fines than vertical collusion (between company and petrol station), but the CPC decided against pursuing the former after a vote.
There is no cartel operation and there is no collusion.
High levels of concentration together with collusion undermine our national goals.
Cusi said the energy department's investigation was not discounting a collusion, as all possible angles were being considered on why several plants shut down at the same time from July 26 to Aug.
Dan's nephew Paddy McCreanor said: "Collusion is no illusion and collusion happened.
Each of the models introduced postulates an "as if' story, the merit of the family of models being the range of possible levels of price and non-price competition as well as collusion in the industry.
Kaindy sugar factory in collusion with other sales outlets artificially raised sugar prices, First Vice Prime Minister Tairbek Sarpashev said on July 26.
com that he was certain that the information he had received from a European source [football official] was a fabrication, referring to the rumours of vote collusion in the race for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup hosting rights.
The electronic auction will discourage collusion and ensure transparency," said the official.
The petition for an indefinite injunction is the proper remedy sought until the issue and allegation of collusion and illegal anti-competitive behavior is resolved," he said in an interview.