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The major objective of the research is a validation of the usability of the proposed econometric method by ex-post confirmation of detection of a collusive agreement of cement producers in India in the time period 1994-2009.
This result connects our study to experiments examining the collusive effects of price ceilings in various markets.
Regarding inequality (1), there are no private incentives to deviate from the collusive path if
This results in the firm's collusive level of output, service, profit, and the market price of [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
Earlier, CCP initiated an enquiry into possible collusive bidding in PESCO's tender after reviewing details of public procurement carried out by PESCO in the past few years.
Hence, theory predicts that if one seller moves away from the Nash solution toward the collusive outcome, the other seller has a unilateral incentive to respond by raising price toward the collusive outcome.
These collusive monopsonies are held to legal standards even stricter than those that apply to a pure monopsony.
The government had also nixed the suggestion to include a special offence of " collusive bribery" in the Act.
The data thus suggest that without communication, even among subjects who repeatedly interact with each other, coordination towards a collusive outcome is not easily established.
The Joint Executive Committee (JEC) of the eastern trunk line railroads (1879-1887) is one of the most thoroughly studied cartels in the entire economic literature, because it is one of the few cartels with a large trove of data for scholars to use in testing theories of collusive behavior.
ASIS International (Alexandria, VA) has released "Healthcare Fraud: Auditing and Detection Guide," a hardcover book that is written to serve as a tool to help healthcare managers, auditors, counsel, and fraud investigators detect all types of healthcare fraud, from false statements and claims to collusive schemes.
While much emphasis has been placed on audit committees responsibility for the prevention, detection, and correction of fraud and corporate misconduct, there is a more proactive approach to the specific risks and the detection of collusive fraud that is often overlooked.