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48) The collusive nature of this enterprise became clear a couple of weeks later, when Scalise asked Marcus to form an association of Italian-American butchers, an employers' association to go along with the new union.
This is possible because the conversion options attached to the debt allow bondholders to share in gains the stockholders would realize by deviating from the collusive arrangement.
It takes time for collusive coalitions to form and become self-sustaining, so one would be more likely to observe such coalitions in old firms than in young ones.
Also, a data mining pilot program in Los Angeles County achieved an 85 percent accuracy rate in detecting collusive fraud rings, and would have resulted in a total annual savings of at least $6.
89 Of 1998, As Amended, Prohibits An Agreement Between, Or Concerted Practice By, Firms, Or A Decision By An Association Of Firms, If It Is Between Parties In A Horizontal Relationship And If It Involves Collusive Bidding (or Bid Rigging).
Collusive activities are prohibited under section 4 of the Competition Act.
Such monitoring of cement dispatches was previously unveiled as the integral part of a collusive arrangement among the cement manufacturers and it is important to note that CCP through its order dated August 27, 2009 had declared such arrangement to be in violation of Section 4 of the Competition Act, 2010 and imposed a penalty of Rs.
Among his topics are understanding the approaches and complexities of collusive agreements, the dawn of the competition principle in Western Europe 1945-62, deployment and combat 1963-68, and the internationalization of cartel policy and the challenges ahead.
The search and inspection was necessitated as the CCP observed that PJMA members had exhibited, prima facie, collusive behaviour in the supply of jute/gunny bags in various procurements by public sector organizations as similar prices had been quoted by them, despite the fact that production costs of the members were different and their manufacturing facilities were located in different parts of the country.
Tadamori Oshima, secretary general of the main opposition Liberal Democratic Party, told a press conference Tuesday that Kobayashi should resign after providing an explanation to parliament, while indicating his intention to pursue other possible collusive ties between DPJ lawmakers and the teachers' union.
The complaint seeks damages on behalf of all Delta and AirTran customers who paid the collusive baggage fees.
Hence, theory predicts that if one seller moves away from the Nash solution toward the collusive outcome, the other seller has a unilateral incentive to respond by raising price toward the collusive outcome.