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Yet beyond these false premises of the introduction, the volume makes valuable contributions and offers an overall understanding that, if not diametrically opposed to the colonial modernity framework, significantly shifts the point of emphasis.
These new leases have exceeded our expectations and only further confirm that Colonial Village is a highly desirable location for retail and office tenants.
Large swaths of the world experienced similar twinned colonial histories of state and tribal formation: parts of the United States, South Asia, and of course much of Africa under the policies of Indirect Rule.
The men and women whom she includes within the Generacion del 30 were members of a middle class that ironically expanded as a result of the education reforms--especially the creation of the Universidad de Puerto Rico--implemented by the US colonial government after their take-over from Spain in 1898.
Click on country names to see their location on the continent, date of independence, and colonial ruler.
The fundamentalist project itself was seen by many Arab nationalists as an offshoot to the effort by colonial and neo-colonial forces to counterbalance the emergence of movements that promoted Arab unity and self-determination.
Colonial Williamsburg introduces a new CD of colonial keyboard music, Keys of the Palace, featuring Colonial Williamsburg musician and interpreter Michael Monaco performing more than twenty works written by eighteenth-century composers.
In December 1993, Central acquired Colonial in a merger.
Capturing the ways in which (desiring) subjects and (desired) objects were constituted, lyric poetry provided, Greene suggests, "a widely adaptable literary technology" (4) consonant with the subject- and object-constituting processes of colonial exploration.