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COLONY. A union of citizens or subjects who have left their country to people another, and remain subject to the mother country. 3 W. C. C. R. 287. The country occupied by the colonists is also called a colony. A colony differs from a possession, or a dependency. (q.v.) For a history of the American colonies, the reader is referred to Story on the Constitution, book I.; 1 Kent, Com. 77 to 80; 1 Dane's Ab. Index, b. t.

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com/modis-de-hyphenated-policy-palestine-odds-indias-freedom-struggle-british-colonialism/) Modi's 'De-hyphenated' Policy on Palestine at Odds with India's Freedom Struggle against British Colonialism appeared first on (http://www.
No sensible person, void of gullibility, especially in the Southern and Middle belt of Nigeria, will willingly agree to replace British colonialism with Fulani colonialism.
The research will also bear in mind the practical ends of defining problems that are affected by a history of colonialism and where possible recommend solutions to them.
During this period it remained in the clutches of colonialism.
Colonialism = development argument is trash as those subjugated can attest to.
This explains why some Arabs prefer the return of colonialism in the Arab region - a state of nostalgia and longing to those days when Arabs were united.
In addition, with respect to impact, the book states that the Japanese colonialism was more brutal and intense in comparison to the British, but this argument is not substantially analysed in the essays except for incorporating Gandhi's critique of colonialism in detail.
While modernity often frames racialization against claims of universal principles of virtue and public good, colonialism brought with it sharp racial differences which are inevitably built into modern notions of representation, sovereignty, rule of law, and of citizenship (Mahmud, 1998).
The story of the aqueduct is modern Canadian colonialism in microcosm.
Critics had claimed it promotes white colonialism, something which has been vehemently denied by the video's director Joseph Kahn.
He said that Russia had launched war against the others super powers of the world only to end fascism and colonialism of top countries of the world.
drafted a challenge to the remaining colonial powers to bring colonialism to an end.